Improved sound functionality (mp3 / midi import)

I have been developing a game in pulp and would like to import an mp3 into pulp as a song. I realised there was no way to do this and tried to import a midi file of the song instead but there wasn't a way to do that either!
The current song / sound editor is sort of broken. The editor always focuses on the first "bar" no matter where the slider is and notes often play at wrong times or not at all. This feature would allow for more creativity, functionality and also make it so that not all sounds have to be chiptune.

if pulp songs must be chiptune then please add a way to import midi files and improve the broken sound editor.

thank you.

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The tracker performance is not perfect, and is very browser bound.

If you have a lot of tabs open, try closing some, or closing background apps as these can cause some interupts to Pulp's playback.

As to the notes position, its a little finnicky. You have to have a note present in order for the "Notes" slider to actually lock the note (bottom) view to that location; but you still also have to move the playback area on the Arrangement (top) view before the playback will begin from that location.

in the above example, my Notes section is showing my Sine wave bars 5-8, but you can see the Arrangement cursor is set at Bar 4, so this is where it will begin playback from if i now hit play.