In depth performance stats

When working with the SDK, particularly in C, I've found myself wanting more in depth performance tooling. Some examples:

  • linux perf stat esque data (Linux perf Examples)
  • flame graph output (Flame Graphs)
  • scope-able graph output like the Lua tab has
  • scope markers (similar to sample(..) API in lua)

For C code, you can use existing C profiling tools. It will not reflect the performances you will get on a real device but it should still be useful to make your game perform better.

On macOS, I like to use Apple Instruments to measure CPU usage and check for memory leaks.

For example, here is the CPU usage of my game (search for "pd_update", it's where your code is called):

And the memory leaks:

Appreciate this, but yeah I'm aware of these and use them. I sent this as an SDK request as I am interested in on device performance.