In development: Chessmate

Hi, guys. Here is my little weekend project:


I'm working on Chess for Playdate! It's my first experience in creating C game, and I have no device to test it so doing it very slow :slight_smile:

Can someone please download game template and checkout if it's working on real device or not? It's nothing to play yet. Now I'm working on utils for rapid development in future.

It use C API to be able to implement chess engine based on some available realizations.


Hey! I gave this a go on real hardware and made a video: chessmate for playdate test

Please enjoy the theme from S.W.A.T. which happened to be playing on my laptop at the time

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Thank you very much! Not everything works as intended. I'll figure it out. Btw nice music theme :slight_smile:

Oh forgot to set screen refreshRate

This looks awesome!!! I can't help but put in a plug: it would be super cool to connect this to the API!!! Then a person could play against real people with their lichess account! :star_struck:

I, for one, am in favor of the S.W.A.T. theme becoming the in-game music for this app.

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I'm pumped for Chess on Playdate! Excited to see this progress.

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Some progress here!

I've added chess engine from

It's played in Emulator. But i still have no device so i build a version: If someone can check it on device it will be super cool.

A - grab/release piece
B - make AI move

I have not much free time, so i decided to release source code on github if someone decide to improve version:

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Sideloaded it and it takes a really long time to load. Sometimes it will load just the board, but most of the time it will just crash:/

Since this project has stopped, you may want to follow along here for another attempt… :slight_smile: