In development: platformer with dithered graphics from Blender

03 game over fell

I'm working on a platformer called "The Fates Of Mia Mouse". I'm a 2D/3D animator, so trying to work with my strengths: AfterEffects and Blender animation (dithered frame by frame) and rich voice-overs. Made a level designer so I can drag objects visually, it spits out the Lua code that I can paste in Nova.

My to-do list looks like I'll need another 75 hours to make an interesting first demo to present to Panic/the world. This is becoming a labour of love and passion :slight_smile:

I hadn't worked with Lua before, was a Flash dev years ago. I had to build all of my frameworks for this game: platform collisions, level designer, dialog manager, logger, localisations, videoPlayer, depth manager... Will need to figure out that synth engine too at some point, because a WAV track per level is going to be too big :slight_smile:


fyi about the WAV tracks: we do support ADPCM, which gives 1:4 compression without much loss and very efficient decoding.

I can't wait to see where this project goes, looks really cool!

Thanks Dave! I am using wav for now, comes to 4.5 Mb for a 2 minute music track. Mono audio has cut the size in half, (lowering sample rate prior to conversion does no affect wav size)

—> this is indeed a very acceptable size.

Even my tests with the video converters yielded pretty small file sizes!