Inside Playdate says the firmware is in the SDK

Hi again!

I was looking through the Inside Playdate documentation and noticed this:

This SDK contains:

  • Software tools to compile your game
  • A device simulator to test your game
  • A set of libraries for common functions you can use in your game
  • Some fonts and other assets you can use in your game
  • Some example code and games
  • The latest firmware image for the console hardware

As far as I know, the SDK doesn't contain the console firmware; it's received from the Playdate server API.
The only relation that the SDK has to the firmware is that they're updated on the same schedule and the SDK's functions bind to the firmware.
Is this a mistake in the documentation?

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It's outdated information.

A long time ago in a galaxy far away it used to be true.

good catch, will fix!