I've figured out a lot of things with Pulp, but the one that has stumped me for 2 days. How the hell do I make a switch to open a door?

EDIT I ^"£$%*$ DID IT!


For those whom may also want to know, it involved target X script, basically this

on interact do
swap "Switch Left"
say "example text"
targetX = event.x10
targetY = event.y10
tell targetX, targetY to
swap "Portal"

Original Text below, kinda pointless now

Every tutorial shows people making keys to open doors and sadly the skills are not transferable.

I've managed to make a switch go from facing right to left, code it so dialog pops up too telling the player what it does, but there's no way that I can find to make it so the switch then makes the exit appear.

In this case I'm trying to make a blank tile become the portal that then takes you to the next room, I've managed to make it so the portal teleports you to in this case room 18 and so it places you at the exact coordinates that I want the player to goto.

But I cannot at all figure out how to link the switch to the tile that needs to swap.

I've tried asking it to swap tile x10,y10 to the portal upon interacting with the switch and a bunch of other combinations and all of it says that there's an error and it won't let me implement it.

I've then tried making a unique blank tile that becomes the portal, however there's still no way that I can find so it swaps upon the switch being flipped.

It's driving me mad lol

This is the code I've been trying to implement on the switch, hopefully it's just some simple oversight that someone here can help me with.

on interact do
swap "Switch Left"
say "Example text"
swap x11,y11 "Portal"

I've tried so many variations from swap "FBT" to "Portal"
swap x11,y11 "FBT" to "Portal"

Honestly I can't even remember the rest, getting code blindness trying to figure this out

I tried every variation with swap and with draw incase that worked too, tried implementing it on the blank tile, on the switch and on the room script, nothing works, so I know fine well I'm doing something very wrong here.

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