.json files shouldn't be considered an unrecognizable file type

This is on MacOS.

When I run pdc with a config.json file in my source directory, I get this notice:

Unrecognized file types are copied by default. Use the -k or --skip-unknown flag to skip these files instead.
Copying config.json

This message has been helpful for other file types, but playdate.json.decodeFile can read json, so it is a recognized file type.


Yeah, that's legit. I can't imagine anyone putting a json file in the source folder and being surprised that it's copied to the pdx. Filed!


May I plug in and say that the same goes for mp3 files? They’re supported by file players, so I always find it weird to get this warning.

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I think there is some recommendations that you should use WAV format and export with encoding IMA ADPCM in audicity for performance. I usually merge the right and left channels down ( Tracks > Mix > Mix Stereo Down To Mono), and then set the Hz to the lowest point where I feel sound quality is still good.

I don't have hardware to test, but this was pointed out to be something that often caused issues because mp3s have to be decompressed on the fly where WAVs are already decompressed.

WAV files also don't throw this warning about being copied.

MP3 is a valid choice. Nino did some benchmarking recently.

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Very cool. It's good to know. I can't wait till I get a device to test things.