Json vs jsonl music import?

Hi i found this software "Lovely Composer" Lovely Composer by 1oogames
for music could someone that knows json (not me) use this with playdate for songs?

"JSON is a general purpose text data format. The content of each data is different.
In addition, the data format of Lovely Composer is .jsonl (JSON Lines https://jsonlines.org/ ), which stores multiple json data per line.

Perhaps if you convert the data, you may be able to use it, but it will require effort."

Pulp's music import is only really meant for importing music that has been exported from other Pulp projects. It might be possible to convert music in some other format (providing it was composed with Pulp's specific limitations in mind) but it's probably not as easy as you hope.

ahhh got it. Its ok, my first game is a silent film anyway
Sunday Law'd REEL 1 by Game portal.... (itch.io)
so i used built in tones. would be fun to have reel 2 with actual song import though. thanks