Just released: Blocky Balloons, an original Pulp puzzler 🎈


A couple gifs:

Blocky Balloons is a block-pushing "sokoban-like" puzzle game. Push, slide, and undo your way through 40+ puzzles to get those balloons! :balloon::balloon::balloon:

Game page with a free demo and more details: Blocky Balloons by Brandooo


  • Autosaves, after every puzzle. A full playthrough can take 1.5~3+ hours, depending on your experience with puzzle games and how much you want to complete.

  • Goofy little cosmetics, unlockable through normal gameplay (no microtransactions, or megatransactions).

  • 8+ beepy boopy music tracks, which can be muted from the in-game settings menu. Soundtrack download (320 kbps .mp3 files) is available alongside the full game.

I had a lot of fun making everything in Pulp. I started to feel its limits near the end of development as I tried to cram more and more features in while optimizing for on-device performance, but it held up! Great tool. Looking forward to trying the main Lua SDK next!