Keyboard-activated buttons (d-pad, A, B) maintain "down" state when switching applications

I am using the SDK Version 1.9.0 (132294) on macOS 10.15.7.

In the Simulator, if you press any key to control the d-pad or A or B buttons (for example, by pressing the arrow down or "a" key), and then switch applications (either by cmd-tab'bing, or by clicking the window of another open application), the Simulator will maintain the "down" state of the button even if the corresponding key is not held anymore.

Repro steps:

  • open the Simulator with a game
  • press the arrow left key to activate the d-pad
  • switch to anther application (by using cmd-tab, or clicking on the window of another Application)
  • release the arrow left key
  • switch back to the Simulator: the left d-pad button will indefinitely maintain its "down" state, until the left arrow key is pressed again
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This was reported by me a very long time ago! So long ago I forget where I reported it.

I hadn't noticed it for a while so I assumed it had been fixed.

Confirmed that I can reproduce it today.

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