Knoblins: Hatch Musical Creatures

Hey folks,

We just released this little music toy where you can incubate & hatch 16 different creatures - each with a unique sound - and then take them to the stage to mix & match them to make a song. Each creature is essentially a 2-bar loop that has been designed, mixed, and mastered to fit alongside all the others. The stage offers a few of the Playdate SDK effects simplified down into simple knobs so you can further shape and alter the sounds.

We hope you enjoy!

There is a short sound demo on the itch page which shows off 8 of the sounds/creatures.





Very nice. I used to play a game on my iPad that was kind of like an "uber" version of this, the big difference being that it had goals to achieve and you could have a lot more monsters on the screen. I remember downloading it simply because I enjoyed other games by the developer, not thinking I'd get into this type of game. I ended up playing it for quite some time. I guess the moral of the story is that I will definitely be checking this out at some point.