Known SDK 1.2.1 Issue(s)?

Howdy, all!

Is there a known issue with version 1.2.1 for how sound works? I loaded my game onto the device and even at maximum volume, i can’t hear it very well but at the same time it sounds like the music is peaking and has a lot of static. Also running into a rotation issue for objects. Everything plays and looks perfect on the simulator, but on device, it breaks.

Are these issues known/in the pipeline for a fix, or anyone else having these issues?

I remember there was a sound issue like that a ways back, but that was like 1.1 or something. Haven’t had any problems lately. And I haven’t seen anything with rotation, other than a thing where the background turns black when it should be transparent but that’s fixed in 1.3… Can you update to 1.3 and see if anything’s changed? If it’s still a problem, do you have a demo project I can try out?

One audio bug I fixed in 1.3 is the sample rate in AIFF files wasn’t getting read correctly on M1 macs. If that might have been a problem make sure to recompile the project with the 1.3 SDK so it gets that correct.