Koko & Kebi – Crank Harrier / Pseudo3D shooter in early access, ready to play for free


Hi folks! Thanks to my knowledge from playing with the Pseudo3D racing prototype (and your amazing help in my thread!) I was able to write something similar from scratch in October, for the Yellow Square Jam. My game is inspired by classic Space Harrier and features my cat Koko (Kokos or Coconut) and his friend Kebi (also known as Kebab) fighting things that each cat hates the most – vacuum cleaners!

The game is available on Itch for free and will be developed more in the future. And I will update you here on the topic. Currently is rather a vertical slice with one type of enemy and boss.

The game runs at 30 fps, but I'm struggling with some weird lag spikes appearing in intervals unrelated to the number of objects drawn on the screen. But this will be the problem for the "SDK Get Help" topic :sweat_smile:

Here you can download the game: Koko & Kebi - Crank Harrier on Itch

And here are screenshots:


Koko & Kebi Crank Harrier New

Koko&Kebi-Crank Harrier boss