Kuroobi, a shoot'em up

I am currently making Kuroobi, a shoot’em up for Playdate where you don’t shoot.

title screen

Kuro (黒) means black and obi (帯) means belt in Japanese. In the game you play one of two black belt martial artist that hop in a giant robot to save Japan from an evil scientist.

You can play as either Katsuo or Saki:
Katsuo is a judoka. He can grab enemies and throw them onto others. You move his hands using the crank. If his hands collides with an enemy, you catch it. You can then use the enemy as a shield or throw it by rotating the crank a bit fast and stopping in the direction you want to throw to.

Saki is a karateka. She punches enemies to send them flying. She is played using buttons.

The game is meant to be short. If you manage to beat the last boss within 3 minutes, you unlock the true last boss.

It is almost done now and is in the polishing phase. The game is fully written in C and runs at 50 fps.
I am making the game alone with support from my wife. I hope you will like it.


Support from wives is the Best one could ever experience.More grease to your elbow.Can't wait to play your well crafted game..."Kuroobi".


I am planning the following features for a 1.1 update. I would love to have your feedback on them:

  • hell mode: faster pace, more bullets shot by enemies and (maybe) maximum lives reduced to 4.
  • short explanations of commands on the character selection screen.
  • bigger strokes around bullets.
  • ranks for max combo and time on the clear screen to (hopefully) give an incentive to train for a higher score.
  • show your best rank for combo/time on the character selection screen.
  • crank to refresh to reload scores on the title screen.
  • change « end » to « end ? » in the bad ending.
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