Larger sprites in Pulp?

Curious if there are any simple ways to use larger sprites in Pulp. I find the sprites incredibly tiny on the actual hardware especially without adequate light. I’d ideally want to go 4x with more scrolling. Is this even possible?

Not sure if it counts as "simple," but here's a way to make a two-tile player sprite: Pulp how-to: two-tile-tall player

With a bit of work you could probably generalize this method to other sizes and tile types.

Thanks, @dwineman. I saw that post and I guess I’ll have to some experimentation. Not sure if this will work for every element in the screen, but we’ll see.

It really seems to me that the environment was built on a scale that didn’t fully take into account the size and viewability of the actual hardware.

I agree. I would love to build games using a 16px grid instead of an 8px grid. :smiley: