Lasso: a simple snake-like game


I'm working on an arcade snake-like game. Instead of collecting items by bumping into them, the objective is to draw rings around them. It is controlled by crank.

I still intend to add a bunch more elements before releasing it, but I want to keep the scope pretty small since I'm generally quite busy with a full time job. Some future ideas are another couple of enemy types, improved graphics, a main menu and proper game over screen, leaderboard, one or two more powerups, and sounds.


This is cool! I really like the visual effects. I look forward to seeing your progress

One question: have you completed Season 1? Star Sled in particular.

Also there's an arcade game called Quantum you might enjoy if you're not already familiar.

Thanks for the thoughts Matt. I had Star Sled on my Playdate but hadn't yet played it, feel like a bit of a fool now! Maybe I'll abandon this one and move on to one of my other ideas...

I doubt I'll be able to improve on Star Sled!

don't abandon it! Your game is cool too


Thanks for the encouragement. What I'll do is think of some unique hook or pivot that differentiates my game, rather than an abandonment. I appreciate you pointing out the similarity.


Maybe I'll take a Qix direction: Qix - Wikipedia

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I want to chime in on what @matt has said: although it may be hard, don't let existing games discourage you from creating your own; even if it's merely for the sake of practice.

It's a bit ironic how you managed to come up with a very similar idea to Star Sled, isn't it? (-: I'd say to that: great minds think alike!

Regarding your Qix idea... go for it! Make a good twist on the genre. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will have made. And, perhaps, don't check this spoiler---JEZZAK---until finished!


I appreciate the thoughts. I'm going to press on with what I'm making because I'm still enjoying it. Nothing wrong with having more options of similar games, and I can bring my own spin on it :slight_smile:

Anyway here's a little progress update: I've made some rudimentary text input code for high scores:


It feels pretty good to click through, and I'll be adding a subtle tick sound effect for cycling through the letters.

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About this Quantum suggestion: I did a total deep dive on that game and one thing that is super cool that stood out to me is the ability for the first place in the leaderboard to draw their signature using the game mechanics. That is super cool


Considering its age - such a great game.

Hehehe great work @crwi_uk !
I had a very similar idea and like the others said, I totally encourage you to pursue this further.
I love working with the crank and this is a very responsive gameplay loop. Also the particle effects and screen shake look great and already give this lil demo a very haptic feel!

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In the pursuit of more fun game mechanics I added "tail grow zones" which cause the tail of the player to grow while they are in them. This consumes the zone over time.

I also added a scoreboard and persisting of scores (this was pretty fun in C, storing using a binary format).

I'll probably fiddle with the tail growth/shrinking rates since they feel a bit too punishing right now, but it does make the game really fun.

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This is cool!

It's not the same but I do something similar in my game ICARUS: speed up in a coloured zone and slow down outside it.

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So you do! You are a very prolific game developer :smiley:

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Nice game.My about displaying comments like..."Godlike" with some sort of an angelic wings when a combo is made.Meaning when maybe 3 or more enemies are crushed at a go??

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That's a really good idea, will have a think about that. There definitely should be more "juice" when it comes to combos/big captures like that, and this is a really good way to add a bit of that. Thanks

Welcome.I hope your game comes out.A guess a lot of people would be glad about it.

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Small update this evening: just some more particle effects while tail is growing in the grow zone.


Zones explode when they are depleted and respawn elsewhere:



Filling the screen with some ambience, and adding a shockwave effect from bombs. Also generally adding a bit of motion to enemies.