Legend of Etad (WIP)


I'm making Legend of Etad, a first-person dungeon crawler in the vein of classics like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder. You've probably already seen my progress reports on the community Discord or across the socials, but if not, hi! :wave:

The game started off as a messaround with the SDK, but soon became more involved. I've documented progress along the way in a long Twitter thread, which shows how I'm using Unity as my content pipeline while making the core engine on the Lua SDK.

The finished game will include a large variety of environments, enemies, weapons and items, magic, and puzzles (some using the crank!)

Legend of Etad will be a full length game, probably released in chapters. I'd like to get Chapter One out this summer - I know that everyone's kinda chompin' for content right now as the Playdates trickle out.

I'll keep posting small updates on the Squad Discord and Twitter, with longer-form weekly devblogs on Itch. AMA here, I guess :slight_smile:



just read the Twitter thread and am relieved it's running well on device for you.

Keep going!

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That is absolutely insane! Way to go, that's is a super unique way to do the texturing. I only wish I am that good at development for a playdate, still learning though.

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wow this looks stunning