LFO with rate set to 0 crashes simulator

Using the lua SDK, in simulator. Not tested on device.
I added an LFO to a synth's frequency mod, and set the rate to zero and it crashes the simulator. Here is the call stack

Thread 15 Crashed:: com.apple.audio.IOThread.client
0   date.play.simulator           	0x000000010b7087b0 PDSynthLFO_step + 393
1   date.play.simulator           	0x000000010b721389 SynthSignal_step + 21
2   date.play.simulator           	0x000000010b7afca3 PDSynth_render + 416
3   date.play.simulator           	0x000000010b7b435e SoundLib_render + 539
4   date.play.simulator           	0x000000010b7f35c0 -[PCGameView renderAudio:::] + 351
5   date.play.simulator           	0x000000010b7f414a __24-[PCGameView startAudio]_block_invoke_2 + 39
6   com.apple.audio.AVFAudio      	0x00007fff2b7f7eb2 __51+[AVAudioSourceNode pullInputBlockFromRenderBlock:]_block_invoke + 36

I will put a minimum on my rate setting in my implementation but this probably needs a check in the SDK.