List View slower to scroll than Cards View (2.x)

  • 2.0.0

I was surprised to see that scrolling through all the games in the new List View is slightly (around 1 second) slower than Cards View. I had expected this view to be quicker to scroll more quickly. So it seems the main benefit of List View is being able to see more games at once?

Aside: fastest scrolling is achieved using the crank

I'd like to make some feature requests for the Launcher:

  • left/right to page up/down
  • key repeat time decreases the longer it is held

(we do these sorts of things with our long list in Sparrow Solitaire if you're curious how it might feel)

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I like Sparrow's way even better than per-screen page-up, page-down: d-pad L/R jumps up/down a whole SECTION.

Playdate could jump between Season One, Catalog Games, Sideloaded, and bottom (Catalog/Settings).

the reason we did that is because in Sparrow you are more likely seeking section rather than a particular layout.

that might hold for Playdate too, but i would say you would probably more likely to be looking for a game so you would not want to skip over any.

but, i dunno :slight_smile:

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I often want to skip over Season One to get to "the new stuff." but I can see it working either way.

Hi Matt! Thanks for the feedback.

I also noticed that list view is slightly slower in scrolling during testing of the beta, and have already reported that as a bug. That work is currently scheduled for 2.0.1, so hopefully the general scrolling speed should get smoothed out by the next release.

(And for what it's worth, crank scrolling doesn't look as smooth as we'd like either, fixing that is also on the docket.)

And I can certainly file those feature requests for you! I'm not sure, but we may have reserved left/right in the launcher for future functionality? But we'd certainly at least consider that.

I myself have put in a feature request that would allow (optional) top-to-bottom wrapping when scrolling through lists in the Launcher and Settings (since I often find myself scrolling to the bottom of those menus for testing purposes).

Can you describe a bit more about what you mean in regards to "key repeat time decreases the longer it is held"? I can boot up Sparrow Solitaire, but offhand I'm not sure what you mean by that one.


Awesome, thanks Sally!

About the key repeat what I mean is that the scrolling would get faster the longer you press the button (up to a maximum speed, usually). This is done by reducing the "key repeat time" the time between automatic repeated key presses that happen behind the scenes whilst the button is held down.

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The list view is nice, but real organization options like sorting and folders would be much more useful.