LlamaLloger: log Playdate console data to CSV files

I just finished creating LlamaLloger. LlamaLloger by BleuLlama It's a data recorder for all of the various inputs on the Playdate. You can select which inputs to record or ignore, and then it will save out the data to CSV files. The data sources supported are :

  • Accelerometer X,Y,Z
  • Battery Percent, Voltage
  • Crank angle
  • Microphone Level

Use D-Pad left/right to select the data source, up/down to enable/disable recording of that data. Press (A) to start and top recording.

r/PlaydateConsole - New App: LlamaLloger - logs Playdate console data to CSV files.

Also with the project are a few 3-D printables to magnetically mount your Playdate on a Lego Technic structure, and two variations on a Crank-to-Technic interface, so that you can drive your crank from a Lego Technic input source.


I needed 20 characters, and inadvertently made someone think I was a spammer. Now I'm at 20 characters again, and will say again--thanks for this tool!

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