Lock button LED SDK access revisited

This is a feature request for SDK access to the LED light on the lock button. This was asked for previously and the person canceled the request because they were convinced it would interfere with the System use of the LED. I am not so convinced and I think it could be worked around. Similar to disclaimers about violence or flashing, you could prompt the user with a message that this game makes use of the LED when the game is opened so the user is aware that the game is in control of the light.

I think this caveat with system use of the LED is worth it because what is great about this little device is the amazing experiences you can create with it and that little LED could be another tool in the belt of the developer to craft those experiences. It's the ONLY source of color potentially available to the developer on what is such a vibrantly colored device. Screen real estate is very valuable and the light could indicate many sorts of messages to the user without the need for more screen clutter. There are games that operate more like productivity apps and having the ability to use the LED for notifications or alarms (such as for pomodoro) timers can grab attention when the volume needs to be low. The led and color could be used as an accessibility feature to enable the deaf to enjoy games with sound based triggers or to be aware of sounds that are made by something off-screen. Many many more creative possibilities would be enabled with sdk access to the LED.

Thank you,