Locking Playdate while A or B button is held causes lock screen to freeze

I noticed this while testing playdate.deviceWillLock functionality in a project of mine, but realized that I can reproduce it anywhere, even on the home screen. This is with Playdate OS 1.12.3.

Steps to reproduce (starting with unlocked Playdate on home screen):

  1. Hold A and/or B button.
  2. While the button is held, press and release the Lock button.
  3. With or without releasing the A/B button, press and release the Lock button again.

Expected result: Playdate unlocks.

Actual result: nothing happens at all; Playdate remains on lock screen showing the clock. The clock also stops updating and shows the same time indefinitely. Another press on the same button that was held in step 1 restores functionality and allows the lock button to work again. Video of the issue: iCloud Photo Sharing

Edit: on one of my attempts, after pressing the A button again to be able to unlock it, the dpad also quit working entirely until I restarted the Playdate.

I reported the same bug a long time ago, not sure if it will be fixed in the next firmware version.


I believe this is fixed in the up-coming OS release.