Loituma Girl Playdate

my small contribution to the playdate, Loituma Girl Playdate, can be downloaded here :
Loituma Girl Playdate by PacoLabs.


(I could not test on device, so I hope it's cranking well :wink: !)
Happy to read your feedback, if any !


Well, I laughed :playdate_cry_laugh: This is what the crank was made for!

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I can't see any other possible use ! :joy:

We need this exact thing but a rick roll version XD God, a whole series of these with meme songs, or a menu where you can choose different meme songs would make a killer app

OK, rickroll mission accepted!

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:joy: :joy: Let's freaking gooooo, I literally lol'd

Hi metafish !
I'm sorry, because I could not make your app request !
However, I have created a new small game that you might enjoy.
Here is the forum link for that :


have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Oh, no need to be sorry! Things happen and life isn't always linear. We don't always get what we want, and that's okay! <3 I actually already downloaded the new small game, I'm going to play it on stream a little bit today most likely!

Idk if it's possible or if you would feel comfortable with it, but if you would want to share the source code for the Loituma Girl app, I might be able to make a rick roll one based off of it. :slight_smile: Obvi, if I ended up figuring it out you'd be credited for the original code. That should be a given but people don't do that often enough that it's worth mentioning XD

OK, I'll see for the source code !
That's a very good idea to discover the game with your streamers, let me just warn you that it is a pretty short gameplay experience :slight_smile:

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Okay, awesome! Once I have it I'll see what I can do about a rick roll :joy:

Also, thanks for the heads up! I'm going to try a handful of games I haven't played, so yours will be one of them :slight_smile: Eyeland, Tochi, Playroll, and maybe some Casual Birder XD Surprising how many people are completely unaware of the Playdate's existence, it's been cool to expose so many people to such an amazing piece of hardware and tech.

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Paco. You son of a.... :joy: :joy: :joy: YOU FUCKING GOT ME!

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LOL :joy: :joy: :joy:
So, I can consider the mission a success ! :laughing:

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Yes....... yes you can :joy: :joy:

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