Looking for 1-bit Pixel Artist

Are there any 1-bit pixel artists? I am looking for someone who can do isometric art.

Having a prototype with placeholder graphics would help get eyes on this.

You could try using colour set of isometric graphics. The system will convert them using 50% threshold to black and white, and you can convert them yourself if you want more control.

Also, mentioning if this is paid work would be a good way to attract artists.

Good luck!

I have a budget, although I have not put a lot of thought into how much I want to throw at art. I want to release all art into the public domain even if it is commissioned.

Here is a prototype tileset, but it is really more to test style and geometry.

Here is a screenshot of a test map made in Tiled.

Here is a section of another test map.

Here are a couple of character templates. The rear facing template is probably not quite right. I have layered Aseprite files.
template-front template-rear


You can check out my first work on PD here: (Heavy Drinker - Game in Progress)

I do all my work directly ("hand-drawn) at this point.

If you are looking for a more geometric style, this probably can be done by many.

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Thank you for the reply, @intellikat.

I want to make isometric games. Here are screenshots from existing games.

1990 NES - Solstice by Software Creations

1995 SNES - Tactics Ogre by Quest Corporation (screenshot is likely from the PSP remake)

1992 Neo Geo - Viewpoint by Aicom

I am looking for two kinds of pixel art that might need to be done by different people.

  1. Background art - I am looking for someone who can make isometric "blocks" or "tiles" that maps can be built from. See my prototype art for an example of tileset geometry an how the the tiles can be used to build a map. In theory a lot of variation could be added, but the playdate has some limitations that I have not properly explored. See the screenshots above for example of isometric environments.

  2. "Object" art - I am also looking for someone who can make the animated characters and enemies that live and move around in the isometric environment. They need to use the correct "3/4" perspective and conform to the grid the game uses. See my animated characters for a work in place template, and the commercial screenshots for examples of what has shipped in real games in the past.

Is this something you are interested in exploring?

Sure we can talk more by private message.

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if you are looking for small scale i can’t help you but there are many 1bit image converts online Oven works really well as a 1 bit image converter.


The problem is that I cannot convert art I do not have. A lot goes into making a game, so I think it makes sense to work with other people to get the right art.

Hi ! Your project seems interesting. Are you still looking for someone? I have just a little experience in video game. I'm a freelance graphic designer / motion designer. Here's a personal project of video game I'm working on ( made with Unity ) : The Logbook, trailer - YouTube

And here an exemple of isometric 3D that I made for commision work : citroen

Yes, I am still looking for someone to actively work on art! Do you do background tiles, animated sprites, or both?

Hi! I am generally more comfortable with Background tiles. But I can try to working on the design of the sprite too, for a while.