Looking for a coder for a (what i expect to be) a lil game

I've been practicing 1-bit on and off for a while now, and now that I finally have my Playdate I wanna make a game! Have tried my hand at coding before, but cant wrap my head around it.

Art tests below

These are some tests for like an eldrich action game where you punch creatures that have infected your appliances!

also- happy to help with any game ideas yall may have!


Hi :slight_smile: Your art looks great! I would be up for collaborating on a small Playdate game. I'm currently working on a small prototype for it that's set on an infinite procedurally generated alien planet, but it's mostly a tech demo with my developer (placeholder) art on it.

But your idea looks quick to implement and quite fun!

Feel free to message me on Discord: @alghost

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I would also be up for a collaboration. I have 40 years of programming experience and have been looking at playdate programming for awhile and just received my playdate a couple of weeks ago.

Feel free to email me! sraaphorst at gmail if you're interested in chatting more! I'd be up for collaborating with another developer as well.

I also think your art looks great. I can't draw to save my life, which is why I haven't started developing my own game yet. :sweat_smile: