Looking for a friend to make a game

My name is Keith and I’m a soldier and part time game dev normally in UE5 and I want to really make a game for the Playdate I am new to Lua and Playdate. I have the SDK working and I’m pottering around with it and seems good. I have ordered a Playdate and can’t wait for it to arrive so for now it’s emulator all the way. I am looking for someone awesome to make friends with and make an awesome game. If that sounds like you hit me up.

Many thanks



Hope you make something cool! Also check out the Playdate Squad Discord and the Reddit, as possible places to connect with collaborators.

Hello, i search to a dev to create a game, i have plenty idea, but not talent with programmation, but i didn't how to learn, and how function a software but i tried plenty but i failed all time