Looking for Pixel Artist to add Party Hat to Galaxy Express Congratulatory Cake


To celebrate the release of Gravity Express, I will award a cake to the person who finishes the game first.
I'd like to add a festive mood to a screenshot of the main character of the game.
Add a party hat, streamers, etc.
Basically what @matt showed of in a blogpost here: Playdate 1-bit illustration postmortem ⌘I  Get Info

Who could help me with that? The result will be printed on a one-off cake and shared on social media if the recipient agrees. Could have quite a bit of reach, as I expect it to be doing great on social media.
I will tag/retweet you :slight_smile:

This is the base image, subtitles are an idea since they are in the game but maybe a bit too formal for the occasion.



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If I don't win the cake I'll do it.

Thanks for the offer!

Sorry to say that the price has been claimed!

I'd feel a bit encumbered taking time away from other projects, family or other things you might care about for something like this. Esp. since it is for a price that you had hoped to win for yourself.

If anyone else is available, please step forward! Otherwise, I'll do a copy-paste job myself with matt's drawing.
@matt Any layered ase files you might have would help there, but don't think there are any considering you made it in a classic mac app

Nice! Congrats to the winner. :cake:

The original file is two layers of objects (filled vector shapes), from the best of my recollection. But in an esoteric vintage format.

Anyway, feel free to do as you suggest. :yellow_heart: