Make Launcher check for default icon, based on bundleid filename on a folder on data disk as well


Launcher.pdx seems to check a specific directory for loading the default season 1 games icons. Would it be possible to make Launcher check for a default icon, based on bundleid filename on a folder on data disk as well? The reason i request this is because i'm sure some games will never get an update to add an icon for listview and this way we can add our own icons or the community can create some in case a game is missing them or never gets an update. I know this works by adding a new icon with bundleid filename of some random game in the simulator but since we do not have access to the system folder / disk by default we are not able to add icons there on the playdate and can only simulate this in the simulator, unless we unlock the playdate to get access to the system disk and add the icons there as well. But to prevent this it would be nice if the launcher could check a directory on the data disk as well.


Those icons stored in Launcher are meant to be a temporary workaround, and will be removed in the future as the season one games are updated to contain their own list view icons.

Being able to customize icons for games would be kind of cool (we used to make a Mac app called CandyBar for exactly this purpose!), but to be honest it would be pretty far down our priority list for Playdate right now.

A faster solution would probably be to bug the game's author to update the game, or to just add your custom icon to the game itself.

Still, it's an interesting idea and something we'll have to think about for the future. Thanks for the feedback!