Make mini cutscenes?

Hello, just wanted to know if it was possible to create small cutscenes. I'm trying to create something like when you collect a certain amount of something, a character walks towards you and starts talking.


I second this motion. I'm assuming there's some way to design it in the world script, and probably fairly straight forward with the SDK, but not the most intuitive in Pulp. May just be a situation of 'wrong tool for the job'...

This is definitely possible in Pulp using PulpScript. The key thing would be to ignore user input for the duration of the cutscene and to listen for user input again once the cutscene is over. The rest is just combining tell, swap, wait, and say.


sorry for asking, but do you know how exactly I would script it, I'm still very new to scripting

Shaun's answer above is how you'd approach it—basically, using all the tools of PulpScript to create the scene you're looking for. How exactly you'd do that depends on what your game is like otherwise, and what kind of effect you're looking for.

If you haven't tried scripting with PulpScript before, try taking it one step at a time:

  • Make it so you can collect a key
  • Now make it so you can collect two separate keys
  • Increment a variable (like keys +=1) to keep track of how many keys you have
  • After collecting a key, check if you have 3 keys yet (if keys == 3 then)
  • In that case, do something (using say and so on)

The "and so on" is admittedly vague, but that's because there's a lot you could be doing, in a lot of different ways. It's probably best to start by checking out some of the tutorials, how-to's, and example code posted on the forum.

Good luck!