Make sprite disappear after one animation loop

Hi all,

I'm trying to make a smooth animation on Pulp by leaving a sprite in the player's previous position and completing an animation with the player to give the illusion of smooth movement.

I cannot find a way to get the sprite to animate after a directional input and then stop animating after one cycle.

Any ideas?

People have done this in a few different ways.
You might want to try play as it will play your animation then you can tell it to do something.
soooo something like.

play "walking left" then
   swap "standing left"
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@stepepson made a custom animation system for our game.
Best to let him explain it.

I know @Kleist & @orkn have made some systems for smoother animations.

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Here is an explanation of the approach I took to smoothly animating movement, you can also look at this demo project.

Like @Guv_Bubbs says it sounds like you're wanting to use play as that will make a sprite animate for a single cycle and then stop, at which point you can e.g. swap it away.

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