Making Music in Pulp

Hey, I've been trying to make a soundtrack for my game in Pulp, but all I can make is irritating sounds and grating sine waves. I've heard some really good chiptune music made with Pulp but I have no clue where to even get started.

It sounds like you need to learn music theory.

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It's a simple interface, but complexity and difficulty are not the same. You have to try messing around with the values a bit on each instrument.

Also, try using one to do chords, one to do a bass line, and one or two others just for the melody.

Finally, try to figure out what you're going to make ahead of time, because for some unknown reason, though it'll let you make about a minute of music, you can only edit the first 4 measures, meaning it becomes most efficient to put your song in backwards, section by section, copying each section to where it actually needs to be, and put the beginning in last, since the beginning is always able to edited.

You can move the window of the song panel to show any 4 measures anywhere on the timeline by grabbing the "Notes" bar near the top. Though I do agree it helps to work out the music beforehand!

It's quite something that one needs to specialize in music theory to do anything in pulp... and because of some arbitrary decision to only reserve better music for the sdk.

Hey man. We were trying to be nice on discord but you just kept complaining instead of taking any advice. Instead, you demanded changes to an engine you haven't even engaged with and asked people who don't know you to give you free music, both of which were very off-putting.

You don't have to master music theory to make good music. It just takes a little bit of practice.

Also, it wasn't an arbitrary decision. It was a purposeful limitation that does, in fact, still take some advantage of the hardware and fits the retro vibe of the engine. You were told this multiple times, by multiple people.