Matching Machine – devlog and demo

Matching Machine is a game where you make groups of tiles by using the crank. Tiles continuously spawn, and that gets faster the more matches you've made.

Here's some screenshots of the current version (v0.1):


Matching Machine 2022-07-18 03.22.51

Matching Machine 2022-07-18 03.26.46



If this sounds interesting, please download it and give it a whirl. (38.2 KB)

I am looking for some feedback: Does the acceleration of tiles spawning seem okay? How about the length of the game? What score did you end up with?

Anyway, thanks for checking it out!


Hi, I've played the matching game a few times the past couple of games. I realize though I was always playing on the "small board" and only briefly tried the large board. I got 1788 or 20 matches just now, my high score. Performance is great for the small board, but when I tried the large board it lagged quite a bit. I think the gameplay / matching is good!

I think the length of the game was good, I think the board could start with more tiles. I had some adjustment to the gameplay, such as that I swapped with a tile when I moved, and how I can't move to the end of the board took some getting used to. Towards the end I had the most success just making lines of four versus more complex shapes. I'd recommend having blank tiles be blank, I initially saw the four X pattern as a tile pattern to match.

Having only played the small board, I think a smaller board would go over well. Another recommendation is a second game mode where the goal is to clear the board as fast as possible. I think as-is the game is very good, the second game mode would add nice variety.

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