Message Box During Player Move Is Broken

Here is the code that is not executing properly, what should happen is the player hears a sound (the "you died" sound), has 1 added to their death count, then sees a message box that displays what the enemy's power was and then what their power was. After that, they get moved to the mausoleum because they died. What is happening is that the game freezes when the message box is triggered so all the player sees is "F" (the first character of "Fight") then the game freezes. I thought the message box would be completely generated before the player move takes place, but I think the player move is causing the game to crash. I looked at using wait to try and fix this but I am not sure if that is a real solution. Any ideas?

if attack<=enemyAttack then

		sound "loseBattle"
		say "Fight!\n{enemyType}: {enemyAttack}\nYou: {attack}\n\nYou have been killed by the {enemyType}."
		goto 12,7 in "mausoleum"

Pulp has been fun other than this one issue. The documentation is not the best but it is generally outlined well. It would help to see actual code samples where each function is used instead of just explaining what it does in words.

Using certain functions for "say" can easily crash the game, you can't use an event that will call it multiple times, I tried the code out in a function named "turn", which is only called once, and it worked for me.

I was able to figure it out, I added a variable that gets updated when the player exits the room (room > on exit do). The say is generated when the player moves in the room that they occupy after they are moved from the previous room. It's not perfect, but it works.