Microphone with headset bug

  1. Plug a headset with a microphone in the device
  2. try to use the microphone

And it doesn't work!

But as soon as I unplug the headset, the game can listen to the microphone. It's like plugging the jack disables the microphone.

My headset works properly. I can even make my microphone works in the simulator, but not in the device.

Could you tell us the exact model of headset you're using? Thanks!

I'm using a SteelSeries Artic 7 X+

Just an edit on my issue. I have tested again and the microphone seems to work. When it happened the first time the Playdate was connected with Mirror, so I have tested again with mirror but the microphone still works. I am unable to reproduce the issue. However few days ago, I was unable to use it so I don't understand how...

That being said the microphone is very low comparing when I'm using it with the simulator.