Minimal arcade: collection of 3 very small games





this is a collection of three preexisting games of mine: left or right (deconstructed memory/rhythm game), grid puzzle (procedural puzzle thing), and bars (gamified integration). the versions of the games in this collection have some new features and improvements -- bars has some minimalist sound design + optional tilt controls, grid puzzle has a time attack mode to make it less about thinking as far ahead as possible, and left or right no longer crashes every 30 seconds on playdate. (i'll probably upload a fixed version of left or right on its own at some point.)

the whole thing is probably indirectly inspired by the "bit generations" series of games for gba, although two of the games were created before i knew of those games.

most of the sound is made with playdate's synth features, except for the sounds in left or right which currently comprise about 60% of the file size of the collection. the clicking sound in the menu music is made with a 5hz square wave whose volume is randomized every tenth of a second or so.