Minimator.pdx - A little art maker

Last week I saw the website and I really loved its minimalism. You can make simple artworks with just lines and quarter circles.

I thought it would be a nice fit for the playdate so I did ported the concept over the week-end (with the consent of the original author). That was a nice change from my other projects that usually dies off after a while.


Dowload it here
Minimator.pdx (64.3 KB)

A little Demo

And you can export your creations in gif format


how do you import a .pdx file into the simulator? really want to try this :playdate_question:

In theory you just double click on the pdx and it should be opened by the simulator.
You should also be able to just do File > Open...

I'm using windows, and that doesn't really work for me. Windows can't find the simulator. I'm going to try to put the .pdx file into the disk/games folder to see if that works.

nope doesn't work. seems like windows isnt working with me.

your release is outdated, apparently. that's strange, to have it outdated. my release is 10000
edit: fixed it :smiley:

This app looks awesome and we wanna link to your app from the playdate wiki, though linking to the devforum might not be a best approach due to login requirements.

Will there be an itch page or is this the only place you are gonna release this app?

Right now this is only available here but that's true I could also list it on my page. I'll think about that.

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