Mirror with Game Controller input needs a large deadzone

Mirror's computer input method is beneficial, but needs to treat other game controllers (Xbox Controller, Playstation Controller, and controllers like those) uniquely.

With all other non-crank analog controllers there is a problem;

When you let off the stick, it returns to center. This path is not a linear degree of rotation all the way down, which can jiggle input off of what the intended analog input would be with a Playdate.

Second, and more annoyingly, most controllers have a "flick" where returning the stick to zero overshoots the zero space, resulting in the opposite direction being sent, before returning to zero. Heavy use / weaker torqued controllers will have a more dramatic effect of this.

The Playdate Mirror should have a huge deadzone, such that input only matters when it is at the very outskirts of the input.

For those using Windows, if you open up the controllers/joysticks section of the Control Panel, click a controller and then 'Properties', for the controller I'm using now (PS5 Dualsense), rotating the right stick controls the 'Z Axis' and 'Z Rotation'. When centered, the two are at 50% each.

Playdate Mirror should only be accepting input when either Z Axis or Z Rotation is below 10% or above 90%.

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I didn't use Mirror much but watching some streams, I also noticed that the deadzones were probably too small and was causing some issues in my game. I did a fix for my game but I guess that expanding the deadzone would probably be very beneficial.

Talking about this with a friend, I realized an easier way to explain the issue is that the Crank is a linear, single dimensional, 360° rotation. A gamepad’s analog stick is two dimensional (three if you count the button pushed state).