Modplayer - An Amiga Soundtracker/Protracker player

Stop me right here if this already exists somewhere :joy:.

Given that my Amiga was running on 256Kb of RAM and an 8Mhz processor, MOD format seems like a great fit for the Playdate. Regardless, I really want to start writing demos on that little device so this seems like a must and it was a great way to get my feet wet with the environment.

This may not even be feasible in the long run (the code currently renders the audio on the fly and I'm not sure how much could be plugged into the SDK's audio engine) but I'm curious to find out.

So here we are, v0.1-alpha. It works here (tm), let me know if it works for you too. Bonus points if someone can tell me how horrible it is (or not) on a real device.


Cool! I have a huge Amiga mod collection—if/when I resurrect my ailing A3000 (or just buy/emulate a modern Amiga and find away to use my floppies).

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Works well!

Solid 30fps on device. So, it would be good to get some gauge of how much CPU this is using?

Also if there was a way to call the library from Lua we could use playdate.getStats() to show the free CPU time there.

The MOD sounds "different" on device due to the characteristics of the speaker, but that's the same for all audio on the device.

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Yay! that makes me happy!

I'm not sure if that's what you mean but the little demo included in the repo does call the library from Lua. Currently the lib is adding a couple of Lua classes Module and Player.

I'm going to add some UI to the demo and CPU usage will definitely be in there.

Ah! I didn't even look at the code, I just did a make and installed it :slight_smile:

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This is amazing! One of my dream projects is to build a tracker for the Playdate. But I know almost nothing about Lua and even less about synthesizers :sweat_smile:

Somebody is working on a tracker in the Playdate Squad Discord server