"MoneyMaker" my first Pulp-Game

Hey there!

I developed, or better, I try to develop my first PULP-Game. This is the first game I have ever made. I don't know how to code and want to see, how far I can come.

All you need to do is pull out your crank and try to receive 1 Million Euro/ Dollar etc. as fast as you can.
If you don't want to crank, I implemented an option to use the D-Pad instead. For the rest, I don't want to tell too much. There is no saving yet. And I would not turn on the sounds...

Try the game and tell me, what you think. I work on it whenever time allows.

Because I don't have a PlayDate yet, I don't know, if there are any performance Issues. Let me know, if this is happening, because then, I will, äh try to figure out how to fix it.

Have fun!

Here are some impressions.

moneymaker Options

And the game itself:
MoneyMaker.pdx.zip (78.9 KB)