MP3 doesn't play on device in latest SDK

On SDK 1.9.3 one of our MP3 files doesn't play, on device. @dave

Our MP3 files are encoded with low bit rates for performance reasons.

I get an error from the SDK mp3 err -9 @ frame 0

Are there recommended settings for low bit rate encoding? Thanks.

Can you send me the file or post it here? I'll see if I can reproduce that, figure out what the error is

Thanks I sent in a PM

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okay, finally got a chance to look at this! Found the bug, will be fixed in the next update. Sorry for the trouble!

oh, actually, it'd be nice to have a workaround in the game so that it can run on the press units currently out there without them having to update. I've found that having one frame, or 2176 samples, of silence at the beginning of the file gets it past that decode error in the first frame. I think just other_middle.mp3 and outro.mp3 need this. The worldX.mp3 files seemed to play okay. I'm happy to fix those up and push them to the git repo if you'd like.

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That would be great, thanks!