Music player app

Hi, I am actively trying to make a music player app for playdate.
I initially thought i could use some NCS music, but alas that is not permitted without signing a commercial license form. So, i am asking if anyone knows of music sources where i could use the music in this, Or, if you have music you’ve made yourself, I would love to include it.
Thanks in advance!

So you literally got no responses to this? Are you only interested in 8-bit music for ithis or any music? what are you thinking about?

One thing to be aware of is that the Playdate OS will come with a music player capable of playing music from any installed game.

From the docs:

4.6 Game metadata

Playdate will ship with a music player that allows players to listen to the soundtracks from their favorite Playdate games. To support this within your game, add a reference to a music folder in your pdxinfo:

Sample musicPath in pdxinfo file


Any sort of music will do

Try this resource for royalty free music