Music Producer and Translator

Hi there! My name is Alex and I want collaborate with other Game creators with my help. Im new in Dev Forum and I don't have programing skills. I can offer my help with music and Spanish translation ;D

Recently I create a new font but, I don't know how I can download the .fontextension to share here in the forum. Here a share a screenshot with you :smiley:


Save and download will give you a .fnt file, which you can then zip up.

Ey! THnx for your reply. I tried save and download, but always download a .txt file. I miss something?

Thnx in advance :wink:

.fnt file is plain text so I guess your browser is adding an extra .txt extension? Don't worry, just upload it

Seems I can't :frowning:

Sorry, I mentioned earlier you'll need to zip it.

or you could upload elsewhere as post a link.

Yep, im sorry u already told me. I tried also but a message appears in the forum and say "new members can't upload files" ; (

Ah, damn, try again soon

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THnx a lot for your help! ;D