My first Pulp Game - Bathroom Escape (45.7 KB)

A very simple little room escape game I made to try my hand at using Pulp. I hope it gives someone five minutes of fun and I welcome feedback, as it's all a learning process after all :+1:



I escaped from the bathroom! It's a great game and puzzle design is good. Well done!


Just escaped! Pretty fun, thanks. I think it was possible to wind the clock even outside of the clock area. Also, the victory sound was a little loud with my headphones. Other than that, a great solid first Pulp game congrats!

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Thanks for the feedback. I have fixed the clock and reduced the sound levels for the music :+1:

The updated game is available here.

Add me to the list of escapees!

This was fun and appreciatively dense. Loved the use of the crank too!

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Wow. Thanks. I can't believe people are enjoying my little game. Definitely going to try my hand at something bigger.


Just played this and really liked it! Took me a while to work out when to use the crank :smiley:

I like how dense it is, everything packed into one screen.

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Count me among the ranks of those who have escaped the bathroom! Can't wait for more from you!