Name this game: futuristic rocket transport platformer


Most will have seen the game I'm working on, which was called "Crazy Gravity" by the original author. I think the name hasn't aged well, or maybe I simply don't like it that much. Since I'll be making a title screen soon, I should consider an alternative name. Do you have some suggestions?

In this game, you control a triangular rocketship which flies around picking up and delivering packages. You will encounter various obstacles along the way such as magnets and barriers.
Players can challenge themselves to set records in speed, fuel economy and a "survivor" mode where the goal is to complete the level without crashing.

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The first game I played like this was Thrust. Then later I played OIDS.

So I think a short, sharp name would be best.


It's the Latin word for "heavy" and the basis for our word "gravity". In modern medical use it describes a stronger than average virus.

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Gravis is a great suggestion!

It sounds cool and science-fiction-y. And less characters is better on a small screen of course.
I'll definitely consider it. One disadvantage of a short name is that without any context, you don't know what the game is about. I think I would be happier with Gravis Express, Gravity Express or Galaxy Express.

The advantage of Gravis Express would be that I could treat it as a full title and refer to it as simply Gravis in other places.
Gravis also sounds cool as the name of a series. Like Steamworld
Galaxy Express has too much of a space miner/trader/long haul feel to it, so I trhink I will discard that one.

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Maybe Antumbra? The third part of a shadow. The high contrast makes me think of photographs of the Apollo missions on the moon, and the lander helps too.

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I'm a fan of silly portmanteau and bad word play, so... gravimeter + deliverer...

Gravliverer... Gravlivery... Gravivery?

That's all I got for now!

Been playing on the simulator and love it btw!

Maybe not the right spot for this, but could rotation of the ship be implemented via crank as an option possibly?

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Priority Rocket?
Rocket Overnight?


thanks all!

I like the word priority, but "Priority Rocket" is not that smooth of a combination. The word overnight fits Playdate well, I think.

And about portmanteau. There is also the old trick of swapping first letters, making Grazy Cravity. Maybe not haha.

So far, I'm gravitating towards Gravity Express.

Different projects have different needs/styles, so for some it's really important not to give any hint of muppet adult video, while for others it's a non-issue. But FWIW, another portmanteau: Grovernight

Rocket Shipment? portmanteau of rocketship and shipment, exactly what the game seems to be about


Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'm going with Gravity Express

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