Name this game: WarioWare clone

I feel like some of the games would play nicely on Playdate. Especially the "tilt" ones from WW Gold

Sounds like a cool idea! You could change the main character and call him Dario Bear? :person_shrugging:

Heh. I almost had the name "Cranky" but that didn't work for two reasons:
a) "CrankyWare" sounds like a terrible game
b) Crankin' already exists.

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Mobware Mingames :slight_smile:

I'd love for everyone to contribute their own minigames!

Ooh! I have a good name! Since Playdate's signature character is Crankin', and Wario is a distortion of Mario, maybe we can call him Wranky? All though that sounds really weird. Maybe I could just name it PDWare as a working title.