Name tiles sequentially when importing images

Currently, you can upload tiles to pulp by using the "import" button and uploading a png with a resolution at multiples of 8 named "name-table-8-8.png" and the image gets split into tiles and added to the list of tiles.
This would be a really powerful tool, if it weren't for the fact that it ignores "name" in the file name and they just get named the default "tile x."
It would be really really helpful if when the tiles were uploaded, their names were set to "name1," "name2," "name3," etc. because our code uses the names of certain tiles to swap between different states, and currently we have to manually rename every tile we upload 1 by 1.

I'm aware that importing tiles through this method isn't quite intended/documented, but just making the tiles name sequentially would be a highly valuable addition and would save us from a lot of hassle


This would save us so much time!