Need card suit index images

I’d like to find an artist who I could pay to create Playdate compatible one bit versions of :spades::heart::clubs::diamonds:for the solitaire game I’m starting to write. How should I go about finding one?

They will be used like they were on the iPod, shown below. I just remembered that the iPod was two bit, not one bit, so there’s more of a challenge here.


I have some from my card game that I am happy to donate. What size will your cards be? Shouldn’t be much work to adjust to your size.

50 x 70 seems like a good size for the above layout on the Playdate.


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I’ll send some tomorrow. Sent!

Early experiments (last year, privately) by @Nic showed it is possible to fake 2-bit (shades of grey) on the Sharp screen used in Playdate by flashing pixels on alternate frames at high refresh rate.


Thanks! I can’t wait to try them out.

Yeah the trick was kind of working but only when refreshing a very small part of the screen. Otherwise it looked really flickery.

I remember someone doing other experimentation to get some grey with a 50% dithering pattern and alternating color every frame. They were pleased with the result. However I didn’t had a console a the time so I didn’t see it from my own eyes. I also do not know at which framerate they were working.


I’ll do some tests soon. TBH I had forgotten all about it until this thread.