Networking Functionality

network access is all I need, simple GET is enough

+1 for wifi/bluetooth access from the API. I feel like this opens the door for using the play date for a variety of utility apps and multiplayer games.

Was thinking about this, Wi-Fi is slow on Playdate, and disk access is even slower, so I think opening network access will result in a ton of waiting around and associated battery use unless developers optimise the downloaded assets or configurations very well which seems less than certain it will happen.


+1 for this. One cool thought that this could allow would be a choose-your-own adventure using generative AI to dynamically create and change a story based on your choices in real-time. Think of Lost treasures of infocom/Zork.

The more I think about the Playdate the more I want AD-HOC WIFI for the device to wirelessly communicate to another Playdate or device.

Much like how the Nintendo DS handled Pictochat, Download Play and local wireless play.

I stopped developing on this device just cause I wanted to come up with new innovative ideas for it using this method but because the device is so niche and most if not all people will only get ONE... I just gave up and I wait patiently for that faithful day.

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I'm hoping this will get added, no matter the speed it might run at. It could open us so many creative games and projects! (Just wanted to show my support for the feature)

It's probably in here somewhere but honestly, a classic & retro approach like the 4 player GBA multiplayer cable would be awesome.