Networking Functionality


I just downloaded the SDK today and started reading through the docs. I noticed the JSON support and that got me thinking about web-connected games. I don't see a way to make HTTP requests. I was thinking about making a web-connected game with a leaderboard and this functionality would be pretty sweet if it doesn't exist today.


Leaderboard function is available only to Season games.

Currently there's no way to get general web access in game.

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+1 for network functionality

I was excited to build a reader app for a website of mine (think a hacker news client for example) but was sad when I saw network requests are only available in the simulator.

If it is a privacy issue - I'd be totally fine with it as an option you have to turn on, or even something you can only use on games you make yourself... I just really want to be able to display data from the internet on my Playdate.

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Me too! I’ve been entertaining a podcast app and would need a network api. I can understand not adding it for privacy, performance, and battery life though.


Also + 1 for network functionality.

I've got some ideas that could be very cool but it kind of requires some sort of network functionality. Preferably something similar to tcp/ip so the playdate could communicate with servers that support tcp/ip.


I'd definitely want this as well. Working on a concept for a game where players can share/download puzzles.

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You could use the /Data folder for that. It's a little janky, but it works. Especially since it'll be a little easier to share whatever puzzle files you have, WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase style