Neven's FREE Pulp assets

I made some Pulp fonts you can import and use in your games. Pulp fonts include border art and widgets included in menus and dialogs.

To import a font, switch to the Font tab in Pulp and choose Import at the top. Your existing game font will be replaced, but nothing else in your Pulp game will be touched.

Here’s a space/tech one:

pulp space (2.8 KB)

Note, it’s a half-width font. You can choose whether your game uses a full-width font or half-width in the top-left section of the Font tab:


Here’s a bold serif font perfect for a bookish, respectable look:

pulp serif (5.7 KB)

This is a cute, romantic font:

pulp cute (6.0 KB)

You’ll need to use it on a white background to get the full effect.

I’ll post more fonts when I make more! Feel free to use these, crediting me or not—whatever :slightly_smiling_face: Have fun with Pulp!


Thank you for sharing these! They’re all so nice. I’m especially surprised by how readable the space one is while being half width AND having the intended personality/feel.

Great Job! I needed more space for text but the offical half width was not very good
this is alot better